Kelan Gilbert

Composer | Producer | Audio Engineer

Based in Portland, Oregon

I am an accredited composer, producer, audio engineer and sound designer. Throughout my decade of experience I have composed original music for film, television, advertising, podcasts and everything in between. My dynamic background makes me well equipped to help express your creative vision through sound. Often, film + music say for us what we can’t say for ourselves.

Let's find the beat that tells your story.

“Heavenly. Angelic. Complete and total inner peace. The production has it’s own stamp and I’m just loving it. ” The Most Definitely

“Weaving together a slew of soft, breezy textures, Before the Glow sparkles, shuffles and whips around you".” —Culture Collide

“Before the Glow embodies the kind of mystery that makes you keen on listening for every moment; it’s a startling vessel of strength and beauty, a royal-blooded babe.” Independent Clauses

“Combining dream pop and hip hop elements, Once A Day is a genre-bending reverie is truly, absolutely ethereal. All you have to do is sit back and not let the outside world hinder the hypnotic experience.” We Are the Guard